saraswatichandra and kumud first meeting

Saraswatichandra and Kumud first meeting, love scenes, romantic scenes and images

Magical couples Saraswatichandra and Kumud ‘first meeting’
is one of the most romantic and touching moment
of Samud love story.

kumud and saras love scene

As Saras wrote a letter to Kumud
refusing her marriage proposal which was
brought by their fathers deep frienshipship.
Kumud challenges Saras to come here and reject her in front
of her parents if he feels guilty for his disapprove.
Saras goes to Ratnagiri but did not tell anything to Vidyachatur.

Kumud feels hurt as Saras refuses her proposal without even
seeing her and thought that he has insulted her parents by
refusing her alliance.So she decides to take revenge
by not showing her face to Saras.
During Saras’s stay in Ratanagir Both Kumud and Saras
share many love-hate moments.there are many romantic
and love making scenes of them
And Saras was deseparate to see her face and soon he came
to know that Kumud has taken oath not to show her face to him.

kumud and saras first meeting

When their preparation for the upcoming
festival uttaran was at its peak, Saras challenges Kumud
that he will see her face on the day of uttaran even before sunset.
On the day of uttran Saras struggles to see Kumud’s face.
In the kite flying game Kumud’ kite was cut by the opponent.
She says what if the kite being cut, she will not let others touch
her kite.
She runs to get the kite and Saras follows her.
Finally she holds the thread and Saras too holds that thread
she turns to see him and finally Saras sees Kumud with a
smile on his face.Saras and Kumud hand’s in each other hands
and there eyelook is the most romantic and loving scene.

saras and kumud first scene

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